Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Patent reform, education, prisons, court, apple tablet, immigration and healthcare... whew!

How to waste $100m allocated to education
An interesting article on the incentives Al Qaeda has to attack US Soldiers vs US Civilians, based on how we treat them at trial. I still don't know what I think about the KSM trial, btw, so no major stances there quite yet. Need to learn more about it.
unsurprisingly, jails breed radicals. Imprisonment for more minor crimes (some applications of three strikes laws, imprisonment for use of drugs but no distribution, etc) is counterproductive.
rumors of an apple tablet. I generally hate apple products but this could be awesome
Another reason to open up immigration - make it a qualification, not a quota! If you can hold a job, you and your family can stay.
18 million people, at least, will be worse off under healthcare reform.
Cowen's healthcare plan
An excellent law banning inappropriate genetic testing

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