Thursday, September 24, 2009

Partisan Politics in Massachusetts

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The idea that a legislature can change the rules of succession for
political posts depending on who's in power is a scary, scary one. I,
for one, have no intention of ever voting for the state
representatives who switched their opinions to suit their party (45
Democrats and 13 Republicans in the House, by the way - not quite sure
how many in the Senate, but I intend researching that ASAP - or just
voting against every incumbent in the legislature), and I hope my
other Massachusetts-living friends will follow suit... but I really
hope somebody sues and wins. The Democratic portion of the
legislature, especially, has been deplorably unethical in this.

As a side note, while Patrick has been an awful governor, he only had
two choices in this that were reasonably fair. Pick a Republican or
Moderate to fill the seat, which he was never going to do, or pick a
Kennedy aide, because Kennedy was who the voters chose. At least
that's what he did.

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