Thursday, September 24, 2009

Bad Allies

Another thing that was pointed out to me recently.
One concern about current foreign policy is the incredibly backwards way in which we're treating our allies.
We have:
Backed out of Polish and Czech Missile Defense, undermining our Polish and Czech allies while appeasing opponents in the Russian government.
Provoked major trade fights with Canada, Mexico and China (an economic ally, whether or not its a political one)
Stalled on trade treaties with Colombia and South Korea
Publicly berated Israel
Excluded Japan from talks with North Korea
Intervened in a constitutional battle in Honduras to assist a president who seemed to be trying to turn himself into a mini-Chavez
Meanwhile, the administration has sought diplomatic relations with Iran, North Korea, Russia, Venezuela and Burma.
As a side note on Iran, Iran has no incentive to compromise with the US at any price less than massive, but every incentive to keep pressing forward with nuclear development. Talking will not dislodge them.

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