Friday, November 20, 2009

Krugman writes ANOTHER good article! WOW!
The UN is a joke. It's hard to see why anyone takes it seriously anymore.
Krugman writes ANOTHER good article! WOW! This time, it's about the stupidity of buying AIG's commitments at 100% on the dollar. (Of course, buying them at fair value actually means AIG's creditors end up in trouble, because their balance sheets required the 100% of face value in order to stay afloat, but at least then you spend less money and can use what you save to bail out those of AIG's creditors who need it more without paying off the banks who are in good shape anyway- in effect a more targeted approach, and one that doesn't reward banks just for contracting with the weakest link, AIG)
and then Brooks reminds us why Krugman has the growingly poor reputation among other economists that he does. Krugman was pushing for bank nationalization because he didn't like bankers, and the way things have borne out, that would have been an awful, awful idea.
Do it. Build a settlement on the moon. Every other major NASA program has returned ~800% in investment and a countless amount in quality-of-life improvement due to scientific discovery. This one should be no different - we have no idea what, but it will be something. One major question will be of power, because transporting nuclear fuel from earth to the moon is hard. Clean energy actually could end up a focus, unintentionally. So will sustainable agriculture.

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