Friday, September 25, 2009

Israeli Defense Minister Responds the UN

It becomes increasingly hard to take the UN seriously. Say what you want about issues of procedure with the IDF in the Gaza invasion, the aim of the military was not to hurt civilians (seriously... who else text messages everyone to get them to leave before you strike?).
Syria, Burma, Sudan, Venezuela, Libya, Iran, Iraq pre-invasion, Afghanistan pre-invasion, North Korea, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Somalia, Kenya, Congo, China, Vietnam and plenty of other countries all have governments that actively SEEK to violate the human rights of individuals.
Meanwhile, Libya CHAIRED the UN human rights council.  The only countries to vote against Libya's chairmanship were the US, Canada and Guatemala. Most of Western Europe abstained rather than take on the challenge. Vietnam, Ghana, Egypt, Indonesia, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Cuba, Nicaragua and China have spots on it; the US does not, anymore, because they're the only country that doesn't bargain for votes. New Zealand voluntarily removed themselves from the council to get us back on starting in a few years.
People complain all the time that we don't consider the UN response in asserting US influence, which makes us unpopular... I'm not sure that's entirely warranted, anymore, since pluralism has stripped the UN of any push

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