Monday, April 20, 2009

Cutting the Federal Budget

Obama instructed his cabinet to eliminate 100 million in spending. While this is just a drop in the bucket, given how large (and undeniably bloated) our government spending has become, this is a step in the right direction.

Here's hoping he exceeds that $100 million in cuts tenthousandfold. In fact, I'd bet he could do it and not substantively reduce any good programs provided by the government. Heck... you could probably weed out $300 billion from the military ALONE and not see any reduction in national defense.

Examples of cuts (from CNN):

• The Department of Homeland Security's plan to save an estimated $52 million over five years by purchasing office supplies in bulk.

• The Department of Agriculture's effort to consolidate 1,500 employees from seven locations into a single facility in 2011. It's estimated to save $62 million over a 15-year lease.

• The Veterans Affairs Department's move to cancel or delay 26 conferences, saving nearly $17.8 million. Veterans Affairs also will use video-conferencing to cut costs.

So fricking simple, but those add up quickly. Try those subsidies to paper companies mistakenly granted for ADDING greenhouse gases to their processes totaling $8b annually.

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