Friday, November 13, 2009

links on financial reform, gold, healthcare and intel antitrust,

Incentive distortion in the healthcare bill
The Federal role in the housing crisis

The problem with applying anti-trust law to what Intel did
Can you sue a company for a falling stock price? How bout for doing business with a company that commits fraud (but not committing fraud yourself)? In the new Dodd bill, you can...
Types of insurance the new reform will kill, including hospitalization plans
Fascinating article on how many cheap medicines that prevent a lot of cancer aren't taken, and also how a lot of effects attributed to supplements and vitamins may actually be spurious or even negative
An awesome look at why gold is as much a fiat currency as anything else.
an interesting look at a potential Republican candidate, and also a novel outlook on how Obama will rehabilitate his public image
Why the abortion fiasco isn't surprising, and the Federal Government isn't really up to the task of running healthcare

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