Monday, March 23, 2009

Chinese Monopoly in Key Resources

China has developed a monopoly in rare earth metals, a family of 17 metals that are key in the development of wind turbines, lithium batteries, semiconductors, and basically every piece of technical everything.

The US used to have mines, but they were closed due to price wars. Vietnam and Thailand have some undeveloped mines... but a lot of the international sources are owned by China.

China's already restricting supply - they have enough to supply the world with as much as it needs for a long, long time, but they instead provide only 10% of world demand outside of China in a move to try and get other countries to move their R+D and manufacturing to China.

Yet another move China has made right under our nose, with no response from us.

Via (in the comments section), there are three major companies in Australia who own most of the rare earth metal resources in Australia. The article posted above indicates China moving in on a bunch of the Australian assets already, so this is valuable color. Thanks, Sparty.

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  1. China would have to take over three Australian compnaies to take full control of the REOs.

    Lynas Corp (ASX code:LYC) has the MT Weld deposit with the richest grades of REEs in the world and capable of supplying 20% of the world's needs for the next 30 years...

    Navigator ASXC code: NAV and Arufura ASX code: ARU have Nolans Bore and Cummins Range projects both of which are Phospate, Uranium, REEs deposits of considerable size.

    China has just started to mobve in on ARU.... but the real battle will be for LYC.