Monday, October 12, 2009

Racial Dating, and Government Wages

This site is unbelievable. You could apply supply/demand (I believe a
greater percentage of black women are single than any other
race-gender group, and they get the worst response rate)... but that
would imply more substitutability than I'd like to think exists. The
alternate explanation? Racial preference in dating... (some would call
this... racism...)
This analysis is also cool. Workers are paid more by the government at
low wage jobs, but less by the government at high wage jobs... one
possibility is that the higher wages at low wage jobs represent
compensation for never being able to earn a high wage. Another
possibility, not mentioned, is that the government is inefficient in
two ways - it doesn't bargain appropriately on wages for low wage
employees (they're using other peoples' money), but they also can't
look like they're paying a high wage to anyone because it would be
embarassing and threatening.

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