Friday, October 16, 2009

The government's role in creating the current and future financial crises

A highly, highly recommended article on why liberals don't understand the opposition of conservatives to healthcare.
The government either mandated through law or was the purchaser of 80% of the mortgages that failed.
Unions have (very rightly) taken a huge image hit this year
"This $250 gambit also underscores the dishonesty behind the budget math propping up ObamaCare. Democrats are claiming that half of the new entitlement's outlays will be "paid for" with Medicare cuts in future years. But if Democrats can't tolerate a zero [cost-of-living-adjustment] for one year [after a record high cost-of-living-adjustment] in Social Security, how in the world are they going to bless $500 billion in cuts to doctors, hospitals and other Medicare reimbursements? Mr. Obama is the youthful St. Augustine of entitlement reformers: Lord, make me chaste, but not yet."
A fascinating study of deterrence and the pyrrhic nature of any successes Hezbollah may have against Israel.
In support of commercial spaceflight

Republicans should take a cue from British conservatives

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