Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Important news stories

Baucus Care punishes cardiologists and oncologists and will make it
harder for cancer and heart disease patients to get care:

Obama declines to meet with the Dalai Lama so as not to upset China...
despite a willingness to slap tariffs on Chinese tires to help unions,
and to meet with any large number of dictators:

From the Canadian national Post (no link):
Opponents of the [U.S. health-care] public option maintain that
Canadian-style health care would entail rationing, caps on care,
bureaucratic interference in medical decision-making and even "death
panels" deciding when the ill become too expensive to save.Most
Canadians believe this is a gross exaggeration of reality. But then
how to characterize Ontario's decision to cut off funding for
colorectal cancer patients taking a life-prolonging drug, in order to
save $9-million [about US$8.4 mllion] a year?Andre Marin, the
province's plain-speaking ombudsman, said the decision "verges on
cruelty." Marin said the "arbitrary" limit on the number of cycles of
the drug Avastin that Ontario will fund forces patients to pay out of
their own pockets or abandon treatment.Avastin does not cure cancer,
but prolongs life when taken in conjunction with chemotherapy
treatment, adding, on average, nine months of survival."For patients
whose cancer has already metastasized, it stops their tumours from
growing and prolongs their lives, at least for a while. It is, without
exaggeration, their lifeline," Mr. Marin said.

Why did Argentina not develop?

(Location probably factors more into it than Glaeser- a former
professor of mine - acknowledges. It's not even a particularly well
written post... just an interesting one.)

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