Thursday, March 11, 2010

I'm overdue

I'm overdue for a couple of new posts (and some are coming up - one on gene patenting, one on a new potential stimulus, one on judicial and corporate board reform, and one on societal notions of fairness, ex ante and ex post), but for now, I'll post this:
"Lately, political debates bother me. They just show how good smart people are at rationalizing." - xkcd (don't usually like them, but this is insightful)
If someone makes an argument, and is unable to make an argument for the other side without undercutting them, then you should be very skeptical. I try to always understand both sides of an argument before I post (after all, as an investor more than an academic or policymaker, I stand more to gain by being right than by being persistent), but if I ever don't, please hold me to that standard.

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