Friday, October 7, 2011


I wish I could get fired up about anything as much as most high schoolers get fired up about everything, especially websense, an internet monitoring tool used by companies:


"There is nothing worse than Websense. NOTHING! I don't care if it's f***ing your mom, f***ing a cockroach, or eating the s*** of the monkey you just f***ed! NOTHING!".


Source: Urban Dictionary. That's one way to put it...


And this was an email sent at work:


Do you guys realize we have “quota time” to watch viral videos, via websense? As in, for some reason a youtube video on my music playlist got categorized as “viral video”, and I have 60 minutes of viral video quota time (I don’t know how often it replenishes), that can be used in 10 minute increments.


a)      What viral videos last 10 minutes?

b)      Why the hell are they quota-ing viral videos?

c)       Why is my random demi lovato song considered a viral video?


Seriously somebody at websense should be fired.



In all fairness, Websense does suck. Websense has been used by tyrannical governments to suppress internet access by its citizens.





Which leads me to one very logical conclusion:




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