Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What's behind the new Google technology?

Google Instant brings up search results as you type, instead of waiting.

A lot of people are wondering why this was rolled out, because it
doesn't save that much time per search, could slow your internet
connection, and if you type something dumb, you may end up with links
you don't want to see (offensive, or virus-carrying parked domains
capitalizing on typos, or whatnot). At best, it seems like a tiny
incremental improvement.

However, those people are not necessarily following the money. This
format will increase impressions on ads substantially, because an
impression is counted if you click anywhere on the page at the time
the ad shows up. The value of an impression may not go down at all
(you get 'free' impressions for the people who don't click on the
page), and if it does go down, you'd still expect that impressions
don't collapse as much as the rate of impressions goes up (this is
almost a guarantee, actually)

Nothing to see here.

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