Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Most Surprising Graph I've Seen Today

Does this make sense to anyone? Is this a political maneuver to turn up the heat on immigration legislation? Or is Obama's head of INS more administratively competent, which means INS functions more effectively and deports more people? Or is it a response to detention centers, where they're considered unhumanitarian (justifiably) and thus the more humane alternative in most cases is deportation? Or is there a disconnect between an immigration-supporting central immigration and anti-immigration (and growingly so, given high unemployment) agents and judges who carry out deportations?
This is a disappointing graph, certainly - criminal deportations are one thing (hard not to support those), but non-criminal deportations don't seem to make much sense to me, given that we don't live in a welfare state, the majority of immigrants are indeed employed, and most immigrants provide far more than they take from society.

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