Monday, September 7, 2009

A lot of links

Bunch of healthcare, with some random other stuff thrown in

FDIC bailout. Don't know if it'll come, but it's a consideration at this point...

The insidious recalculation of what it means to successfully engage Iran.

Our accounting standards are about to get more European. This means they'll be more principles based, instead of more rules based. It's the difference between "Be home at a reasonable hour" or "Be home by 11 unless you a) get in a car crash, b) need to be a good samaritan, c) need to finish your homework, d)get a flat tire, e) witness a crime, f) call and specifically ask permission". Does anyone really wanna see our executives have even more leeway in their accounting?

At least 50% of the disparity in test scores is based on differences in parents' IQ, rather than wealth disparities. For complicated mathematical reasons expounded in the comments, this actually understates the amount parents' IQ determines children's test scores.

Concerns with an Obama healthcare adviser.

Prosecuting the CIA is foolish

Governments messing with kindergartens. Why I don't want the government regulating healthcare too much.

Strong evidence of insider trading inside investment banks. This needs to be cracked down on.

Some thoughts on challenges with hybrids. Not sure if his analysis is missing something, just skimmed the article quickly.

Obama not learning from Clinton. I feel a little vindicated for saying 6 months ago that I thought Obama's policy goals would cost Democrats power in 2 to 4 years.

Soviet style education not cutting it.

hindrances to reform: primary care doctors are mad

consumer driven care. Again, only skimmed this one.

How LBJ would pass the bill. Tongue in cheek.

Credit card relief, phase one, in effect

worriers die younger cuz they smoke more

Gawande on reforming the health system outside of legislation

Mankiw on trusting government vs competition

We're driving our children to injury! the little league arms race.

Becker on healthcare. Brilliant as usual.

a problem with waxman-markey

Gunning for google. Stupidly, in my view - Tech changes too fast to really have a monopoly for long...

Arrow, the brilliant health economist, points out that costs are going up because technology is getting better, not cuz we're getting less efficient

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