Friday, May 15, 2009

big gvt vs big business

Firstly, Americans as a whole are more worried about big government than big business. Big labor is a distant third.

Secondly, there's a big party difference - Republicans are overwhelmingly more worried about big government, Democrats are mildly more worried about big business, and independents are moderately more worried about big government.

I predict inflation will be a big, big problem in a couple years down the road. Can't be sure, but if that is the case, then that big government fear will get a lot, lot worse.

In other news, I predict Republicans will gain a lot of power in 2012. In the Senate and House, where there are Democratic supermajorities, bringing it back to slightly democratic or even would be a good thing. Jury's still out on whether Obama knows what he's doing. I think he'll have a rough go of it, but he's charismatic enough that we'll see.

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